Do's and Donts when playing paintball

 Paintball Rules

Though the inventors of this game did it for fun, it has evolved into the third most popular game in the world. For those who want to play, there are rules to be followed. This is a form of cheating that is never tolerated. Players are not allowed to curse or hit the other players. In case the facemask falls off, the same rule applies. If the person is not sure of being hit, then ask the referee and he will confirm or deny the hit.

paintball,paintball rules

By knowing the basic rules and checking how the game is played, everyone will have fun and enjoy a good game. During such instances, the opposing team is not allowed to fire at that person. Should a player wipe the paint off and continue playing the game but is caught by the referee, that player is automatically ejected from the game. This consists of a face mask, gloves, and pads for the chest, knees and elbows. When hit, the player must stand up with both hands in the air to inform everyone that he has been eliminated.

Protective equipment must be worn at all times inside the playing field. The facemask may fog due to sweat, paint or dirt. There is another way of taking out the opposing player and that is by asking the person to surrender. When this happens, the player should inform the referee so that he can be escorted away from the field before returning to the game. Should the player show any form of hostile action, then you have no choice but to shoot the opponent.Fair Play in the Game of Paintball.Paintball is an extreme game that is gaining in popularity.

This game is about fun and anyone caught will also be taken out of the game. Rules are made to protect the participants in the game. Anything above that can cause serious injury to the players. Guns should be checked before being used in the matches because the maximum velocity allowed is only 300 feet per second. As a precaution, barrel plugs should be used to avoid any misfiring incidents for the safety of the gun owner and the people who are present during the event. The first is having the proper gear which will protect the person from paint balls. Paintball is a sport where a player can only be eliminated by shooting the other person



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